Here’s the thing: I almost always finish a book, even if I don’t like it. Sometimes, the ending of a book will save it for me. I also tend not to sugarcoat my reviews. If I don’t like a book for a particular reason, I will say so. However, I also recognize that others may enjoy the books that I didn’t like, so in general will not engage in book bashing. I realize that authors put themselves out there in writing their books, so I give them props for that.

I try to finish a book within a month it was provided to me. If you require a hard deadline for your review, please let me know. I accept books in Kindle and soft/hardcover format.

I’m drawn to the following genres: young adult, women’s issues, romance, (auto) biographies, and contemporary social issues.

The reviews I post have either been purchased, borrowed, or sent to me via ARCs. I receive no monetary compensation for honest reviews. Requests for reviews can be sent to novelappreciation [at] gmail [dot] com



5 stars: loved it! a re-read is in order, soon

4 stars: really liked it! would recommend it to other folks

3 stars: liked it

2 stars: it was okay. something was missing, though…

1 star: not for me.



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