5 things in 2013


I’m usually not one to blather on about resolutions, mainly because my past experiences  have morphed the fun and excitement out of completing resolutions into disappointment if I don’t cross them off some list. So, this year, I’m resolving not to make resolutions, but rather to document experiences that I’m looking forward to. Below are five things that I’m particularly excited for in the upcoming year:

2013 reading challengeMy first Goodreads reading challenge. 100 books in 365 days? Let’s do this!

sd half marathonMy second half marathon. Looking forward to improve my time now that I know what to expect.

Scrabble-Love-Wedding-BannerAttending the nuptials of very good friends, on both coasts.

bikramConsistently practice mindfulness, with the assistance of Bikram Yoga.

cookDeveloping my culinary self in the kitchen.

And there you have it. Fairly simple, yet necessary, experiences to nourish my mind, body, and soul. What experiences are you looking forward to in 2013?


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