The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa


The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

Publication Date: October 23, 2012

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

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THE LOST PRINCE by Julie Kagawa is the first book in the spin-off to the IRON FEY series. When fey and hybrid disappearances begin to occur in the human world, Ethan Chase must reluctantly traverse back into the world of the fey to seek answers from his sister, THE IRON QUEEN. With the help of classmate Kenzie, a certain talking cat, and new and familiar faces, Ethan & co face danger, love, and surprising information that has ramifications for the entire human and Faery world.

I had very high hopes for this book and let me tell you, Kagawa did not disappoint! Fans of the IRON FEY series will be pleased that Kagawa expanded on the world building and story of the Forgotten in IRON KNIGHT. Ethan’s prejudices towards the fey were realistic given his kidnapping in the IRON KING when he was only four years old, and I loved reading how these prejudices impacted his already complicated relationship with his family, Ash, and everyone else in Faery. Broody Ethan is also more than capable of holding his own against the fey. (Sidenote: as a Filipina, I got excited at how Kagawa incorporated kali techniques in the book!). As for Kenzie, I wasn’t as drawn to her in this book and didn’t quite get the impression that she was fully fleshed out, but perhaps that was deliberate due to her personal mystery and big reveal at the end of the book. Although Ethan and Kenzie are technically the leads, I was actually more captivated by the secondary romance of Kierran (yes, that Kierran!) and Annwyl.  Lots of swoon-worthy moments there! Fans will also enjoy the subtle parallels between this book and the original IRON FEY trilogy.

In short, this was a breathless, suspenseful, vividly imagined story that will be incredibly difficult to put down. Trust me, I ended up burning dinner because of it.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars


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