Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb


During the making of the Icove Agenda, a movie based on one of Lieutenant Eve Dallas’s famous cases, the actress playing Eve’s partner is murdered during a dinner where Eve is a guest of honor. In CELEBRITY IN DEATH, Eve brushes amongst Hollywood power players to investigate the murder in Robb’s 34th IN DEATH novel.

After the heaviness and emotional roller coaster of NEW YORK TO DALLAS, fans of Robb’s long-running series will enjoy CELEBRITY IN DEATH. If you’re new to the IN DEATH series, you may want to read or at least skim NEW YORK TO DALLAS because a lot of what’s said and alluded to in CELEBRITY IN DEATH has to do with the previous book. Although I thought the murder-mystery in CELEBRITY was relatively weak as compared to Robb’s previous books, that was okay because I felt as if this book was more an emotional balm to NEW YORK TO DALLAS.  I really enjoyed reading different characters’ reactions to the events that transpired in NEW YORK TO DALLAS, and it is in these scenes that Robb excels.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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