Afterlife by Claudia Gray


AFTERLIFE finds Bianca and Lucas becoming their worse fears: Bianca is now a wraith, and Lucas is a vampire. As the two struggle to cope with their new selves, they must also face old foes and new in this final installment of the EVERNIGHT series.

Although the series is told from Bianca’s perspective, I thought that AFTERLIFE was really Lucas’s book. His vulnerability and fear into becoming what he despises the most – as well as his ongoing struggle to “make it” as a vampire for Bianca’s sake – really won him over for me. Bianca’s growth and maturity is also evident in this book. She persuades Lucas to seek out sanctuary at Evernight and continually supports him with his new change. Their friends – Balthazar, Ranulf, Vic, Patrice – also do their part in helping Lucas adjust to his newfound vampire state, as well as try to figure out what exactly is Mrs. Bethany up to with the wraiths. The ending was unexpected, but remained true to Lucas and Bianca’s relationship. Kudos to Ms. Gray for writing such believable characters and romances.

5 out of 5 stars


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